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Design intensives are virtual or in-person strategy and design sessions which create an atmosphere of collaboration and innovation to move your business forward quickly. Intensives are productive, exciting and most importantly, successful.
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Have an idea that you think would make a great business? I'll walk you through the all steps to getting your business started.

Intensives get you where you need to be...fast. They could be strategy or design based, or knocking out the punch list of items holding you back.

Learn valuable skills for growing your business with exclusive digital marketing tools, templates and more. Starting at just $4 a month.
I believe brand design should be exciting, straight-forward and should deliver big wins for you and your business.

"Do not try to start your new business, passion project

or side gig without Laura!


Hiring her to create my branding, focus my message and deliver my website was the best decision I have made. She did these things better and faster than I ever could and it let me focus on creating content. She over-delivered at every step and created a brand I’m excited to call my own. I enjoyed working with her so much I started making up new projects so I could keep benefitting from her expertise!"

btw, he beat his goal of
$100k in his 2nd year

What is strategy-based design?
Strategy-based design is more than creating a logo just because you think you should have a logo.


I'll work with you to create a long-term plan for the successful growth of your business, using internal and external brand standards.


Internal standards include, among other things, the three V's: Values, Visuals, and Voice

External standards dive into your unique selling proposition and client profiles, as well as content marketing and digital marketing strategies.

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So, let's work together if...


you want to be empowered to meet your biggest goals through face-to-face (online) collaboration and professional, strategy-based designs...

you want real, actionable plans to increase awareness and engagement, grow your business and make more money (and not just theories)...

and you want a dedicated partner who can deliver in one day (no back-and-forth revisions)...

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