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visual design sketches
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Design should be human-centric
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design-driven storytelling
Design-Driven Storytelling
visual design
Visual Brand Design
website design
Responsive Website Design
responsive design
UI/UX Design

"Do not try to start your new business, passion project or side gig without Laura!

btw, he beat his goal of $100k in his 2nd year.

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Hiring her to create my branding, focus my message and deliver my website was the best decision I have made. She did these things better and faster than I ever could and it let me focus on creating content. She over-delivered at every step and created a brand I’m excited to call my own. I enjoyed working with her so much I started making up new projects so I could keep benefitting from her expertise!"

It's as close as you can get to crowding around the conference table, hashing out ideas, celebrating wins, and watching your brand experience develop right before your eyes...while actually being completely separate.
(because we're fully remote over here!)
Whether it's creating a cohesive brand experience, mapping your customer journey, or integrating responsive design into your website, I'm looking forward to working with you. Book a free call so we can chat about your project.

Close your eyes. Now, imagine if your business had an in-house designer, but only when you really need one. The day could be both strategy and design based, or we could knock out that frustrating to do list of items holding you back.

It's a library of books, tools, printables...everything you need for growing your business. Design, content marketing, copywriting, marketing psychology, and more. Plus, unlock exclusive content in the Patreon community for as little as $4 a month.

we increased their business through a new website with improved UI, a fresh, engaging product line and new revenue streams!

"Laura is always able to make our ideas come to life.

Kim, Owner

TNI Marketing

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She continues to help us move our business forward. It's great having Laura available to spitball ideas and redirect us to keep us moving. We always come away from a call feeling progress!"

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In Progress

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Brand Concept

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discovery call
let's work together if...


you want to be empowered to drive your business forward through collaboration, design-driven brand storytelling, and viable visual or product design solutions...

and you want a dedicated partner who loves to develop solutions during our meetings so that every moment is productive and you can literally see the results.

Logo Design

"Laura is fantastic! She really understood my needs and preferences, and the final logo + additional designs that she provided me were phenomenal. Loved working with her; recommend her to anyone that need logo or branding help!"

- Marina, Copywriter, Kalyna Marketing

Thanks! Talk to you soon!

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