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Where can your business use a

You may have some ideas about how you want your business to look, or you may just feel like something's gotta give. Either way, changes need to happen and they need to happen now.


Not after a few months of going back and forth.

Not even after a few weeks.


Never again, will you have to wait days, weeks, or even months for a final design.

No more dealing with going back and forth making revisions.

Definitely no working around someone else's schedule.

Design days are like having your own personal, in-house designer and strategist, but only when you need one. It's a full work day dedicated to YOU! In the morning, we'll touch base, settle in and get ready to work. Then it's a day full of productivity, design and collaboration. Feel free to pop your head in the doorway of my virtual office (aka my Zoom meeting room) anytime you want. There's might be a coffee break in there somewhere too...

The focus is on you now. Let's get you going further, faster.

Strategic Branding & Marketing

Dedicated Project Designer

Real-Time Communication

1-on-1 Design Collaboration

Same Day Results

Standard Design Project

Design Days


Implement your best strategies
Strategic designs & real results

"Laura is always able to make our ideas come to life.


"She continues to help us move our business forward. Its great having Laura available to spitball ideas and redirect us to keep us moving. We always come away from a call feeling progress!"

we increased their business through fresh, engaging products and a new revenue stream!

How it works..

Before we work together, it's time for discovery and research.

I'll reach out via email to schedule a discovery call if we haven't had one already, so I can learn more about your business and what you are looking to achieve. You can expect the call to be 20-30 minutes. It's important for me to understand your business to provide you with strategy-based designs.


I will also let you know if there is content that I need from you.

Design Days

Design days are highly productive, and a lot of fun! The goal is for you to end each day having made a lot of progress or even a completed project.


I will set up a Zoom meeting for us to be able to discuss and share screens during the day as needed. I will be focused on your project throughout the day, so you can pop in and ask questions or see how things are going anytime. Like dropping by my office...virtually. 

I always end the day on Zoom so that you know exactly what's been accomplished throughout the day and what our next steps are.


The next day, I will upload your files, transfer site ownership, turn your brand assets, and any other deliverables depending on the project. I will continue to be available via phone or email should you have questions.

"Laura was great to work with and was very cooperative. We will look to work with her again!"

- Preston & Michael, Founders, Kusa Treks

  • How can I prepare so that my design day(s) are as productive as possible?
    It's important that you provide me with any necessary content ahead of time when possible, but at least by the morning. This way I can work at my own pace and don't have to wait for information.
  • What if your schedule is full and I want to get started right away?
    Please email me at to see what we can work out.
  • What if I'd rather book by the project then by the day?
    That's fine! Sometimes projects will need more than a couple days to complete, or will have several deliverables, and it makes more sense to work in a more traditional format. For example, creating a brand identity could be completed in a couple of design days, but a brand identity + website design + social media templates and other this case it makes more sense to book by the project. After a discovery call, I'll provide you with a quote and estimated time frame, and we can go from there! You can email me at to schedule a call.
  • I've emailed you with a different question - when can I expect to hear from you?
    I typically respond to inquiries within 1 business day.
  • How do you balance working and being a single mom?
    Like a tightrope walker on the high wire! My daughter is typically in school or at summer camp, which is why my work day only extends until about 4 pm. I don't usually schedule design days over her spring and winter breaks, long weekends or for a couple weeks over the summer. I typically do pre-design research, wrapping up project files, and other quiet work in the evenings after she goes to bed, and I'm available for calls at that time as well. If we do have a phone call on a day that she is home from school or camp, she'll just probably poke her head in to say hello, and then wander off! 🙂
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