a lot of hats
For you and your business, I wear

As a small business owner you need to wear a lot of hats, even ones that you didn't go to school for or never had any training in. Every time you turn around, you're Googling about one thing and searching for online tutorials on another.

The worst part is, you're pouring your heart and soul into your business and no one even knows about it! You're getting lost in today's saturated global market because you aren't well represented by your brand.

What if you could be spending your time developing your products and serving your customers, instead of searching for (or trying to become!) a brand strategist, logo designer, website designer, copywriter and content marketer.

Considered a source of knowledge and inspiration, The Muse finds fulfillment by breathing inspiration into others to create new insights and forms. The Muse is in a sacred alliance with its partner to inspire creative endeavors. Illuminating truths and offering sustained energy, this archetype brightens the dark corners of the human mind. Considered an instrument of a higher power, the Muse is a conduit to a source of knowledge about poetry and literature, and of understanding the creative space between the worlds.

Strengths: Ability to inspire creation of arts and literature and to give clarity, focus and motivation. Facilitation of the growth of others. Collaboration. Selflessness..

Challenges: Possession of a directive agenda. Unfocused energy that can sometimes bring chaos rather than clarity.

My Brand Archetype: The Muse

Laura Vacca

Owner/Designer/Content Marketer/Strategic Partner

I am constantly seeking a  balance between designer, business owner, marketer, student, mother, daughter, sister, friend, yogi, artist, traveler, photographer, explorer...I'm pretty sure it's an ever-shifting target!


I started Creative Mess Designs in 2016 when I was in need of a new adventure after health issues and a baby made it impossible to work in a typical 9-5 office. Since then I've fallen in love with brand strategy and design.


I'm also a Certified Content Marketing Specialist and hold a Masters of Architecture. 

"Laura is amazing at what she does and I can’t say enough good things about her. I’m lucky to have found her website, and hiring her is without a doubt the best decision I have made so far."

- Ben, Owner, Hyperfine Academy

The Seeker is driven to continuously learn, grow and expand. This archetype is ambitious and independent, is in perpetual motion and travels lightly. Demonstrating great patience and perseverance, the Seeker stays on a path to find wisdom and truth wherever it may be, leaving no stone unturned or unexamined on the journey. The Seeker connects with the self and arrives at inner meanings through the exploration of the external environment. Driven to know more, the Seeker thirsts for a better way, a better life and a better world.

Strengths: Tireless inquiry. Honesty. Self-reliance. Flexibility. Open mind-set.

Challenges: Escapism. Loneliness. Tunnel vision. Susceptibility to being deceived.

My Personal Archetype: The Seeker