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As a small business owner you need to wear a lot of hats, even ones that you didn't go to school for or never had any training in. Every time you turn around, you're Googling about one thing and searching for online tutorials on another.


The worst part is, you're pouring your heart and soul into your business and no one even knows about it! You're getting lost in today's saturated global market because you aren't well represented by your brand.


What if you could be spending your time developing your products and serving your customers, instead of searching for a brand strategist, logo designer, web designer, copywriter, graphic designer and marketing strategist.

For you and your business, I choose to wear a lot of hats.

I work primarily with small businesses, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and other freelancers because I understand the unique challenges you face... after all, I am one of you

"Laura is amazing at what she does and I can’t say enough good things about her. I’m lucky to have found her website, and hiring her is without a doubt the best decision I have made so far."

- Ben, Owner, Hyperfine Academy

Owner & Designer

With a Masters of Architecture, a minor in photography, and several years of branding design and strategy experience, I have a passion for all things design! My travel experience includes Italy, England, Germany, the Netherlands, Argentina, and the United Arab Emirates.


I also love being a wife and work-from-home mom. I can't wait to hear all the great ideas you have for your project, and look forward to working with you!

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