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DIY Brand Manual

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My DIY brand manual is designed to give you a jump start if you are launching a new brand but not ready to work with a professional designer yet. completed brand manual will even score you $100 off your first intensive with me when you're ready to take the next step!

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Looking for tools and templates related to content marketing, copywriting, marketing psychology, branding, blogging and more? Find all the resources you need in one place.


Positioning: The Battle for Your Mind*

Al Ries, Jack Trout

This book describes a unique approach to creating a "position" in your audience's minds that reflect's your brand's own strengths and weaknesses. You'll find it to be fairly fast-paced, witty and full of useful information.

*Affiliate link

Image by Jud Mackrill

Customer Segmentation & Targeting

Digital Marketing Institute

This article digs deeper into understanding your audience, the uses of a buyer persona (aka customer avatar or client profile) and how segmenting your audience can help to strengthen your marketing strategies.

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Copy Power

Chelsea Balwdin

As a copywriter for more than 10 years, Chelsea really knows what she's talking about. You'll find a ton of useful information on her blog.

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Predictably Irrational*

Dan Ariely

This book talks about the emotional, yet predictable, reasons behind our buying decisions. It's surprisingly entertaining and will help you to truly understand your audience. *Affiliate link

Colorful Macarons

Color Psychology in Marketing & Branding

Help Scout

Color psychology in marketing and branding can be really interesting, and a bit controversial. This article will give you some context as to why that is.

Image by Maureen Sgro

Color Palettes Generator


Looking for some color inspiration or working on your DIY brand manual? This is the tool for you.

Image by Brett Jordan

Google Font Pairings


This website has font pairing recommendations using all free Google fonts. It's a great place to go for some inspiration.

Image by Alexander Andrews

Psychology of Font Choices

Crazy Egg

People will have certain feelings and responses to your font choices, just like they will to your color choices. This article will help you understand why.

Image by Sven Brandsma

Google Fonts

Free Font Download

There's no need to confine yourself to the fonts that come standard on your computer. Google Fonts has a huge library available for download - all free.

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Copywriting Secrets*

Jim Edwards

Copywriting is selling, and this book will show you how to write with that goal in mind. It'll help you take your marketing to the next level. *Affiliate link

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