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How I Work

Ever wonder how the design process works? Well, here's mine.

Work like a Creative

The first step, is a hearty breakfast. NEVER design on an empty stomach.

Hearty Breakfast

The conceptual stage is where I spend most of my time on a project. That's where I develop the requirements of the project, talk to my clients, research, and sketch, sketch, sketch!

Did I mention sketch?

Sometimes the design will flow and sometimes it takes a lot of iterations to get it right. The timeframe for this part of the project varies, and it depends on the clients too - some clients know very clearly what they are looking for and some "know it when they see it."

My favorite notebooks are the itty bitty moleskins - the quality is fabulous and they fit right in my pocket. The small scale also allows for lots of rapid drawing as I get my thoughts down on the paper. I'm also a big fan of using pens during the conceptual phase rather than sketching. Since pens don't erase, I am forced to accept mistakes and work them into the drawing. The greatest designs can come out of a mistake! During my years of school and traveling I never left home without my sketchbook or my pens. Now of course, I can slip them right in the ever present diaper bag ;)

Sometimes, it's helpful to take a step back. When you get too immersed in the design, you can develop tunnel vision. If this happens to me, I like to curl up with a good book, or spend some time with my family, to clear my head before coming back to work.

Relax with a Good Book

What creative pursuits do you enjoy? Comment below!

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