Signature Branding Package
what's included:
0. Brand Strategy

At the start of any project, I always begin with a discovery phase. The goal of this phase is to deeply understand your business, and to discover your best brand, sales and marketing strategies. Branding is so much more than pretty graphics and colors. Your brand strategy is how you position your business in the minds of your customers (and it guides the entire design).

It's important to understand what you think of your company as well as what your customers think of your company. The two should align, and if they don't, something isn't being communicated clearly or effectively.

Taking a deep dive into who your ideal customers are, and what they need and value, can make a huge difference in how well your brand aligns.

1. Visual Identity

Your logo is the cornerstone to your brand identity. Do you wish you could have one of those iconic logos that your ideal market recognizes immediately?  I get it.


Once we've had our strategy consultation, I'll be able to translate your business values and culture into visual designs. This includes your primary logo, color palette and typography, as well as possible alternate logo versions, brand marks and patterns.


I'll turn sketches and ideas into a fresh, original design. Final design will include full usage rights, and a file bundle suitable for all applications, both print and web.

"Laura is fantastic to work with!! She is a phenomenal artist, a great communicator and always goes the extra mile. I really hope to work with her again."

- Hallie, Co-Founder, Freelie & Berrio

2. Branding Guidelines

While your logo is the center of your brand's visual identity, your actual brand extends far beyond it. Without established guidelines, it's nearly impossible to have consistent branding across print and web applications.

What are the guidelines for using your primary logo versus your secondary, graphic-only logo?

Which font is used for headlines vs subtitles vs paragraphs?

Where does a watermark go on branded social media images?

What about beyond the visuals? What values do you share with your ideal market and how do you communicate that?

What does your "voice" sound like when writing your blog posts or on social media?  I'll provide you with pdf guidelines that will contain everything you need to stay on-brand.

"Laura was great to work with and was very cooperative. We will look to work with her again!"

- Preston & Michael, Founders, Kusa Treks

3. Website Design

Brands are absolutely judged by the quality of their website; having a dynamic, user-friendly website with compelling content can show that a brand is high-quality and authentic, while a poorly designed website, or (gasp!) no website at all, reflects negatively on a brand and will absolutely result in visitors leaving in a hurry to shop elsewhere.

When you look at your website, you should feel like you just came home from a long day of work. If you provide me with the most up to date content and images of your products or services that you have, I'll design it into something incredible.

As we work on your website, we'll also talk about how you drive people to it. And basic SEO (that's search engine optimization)? Consider it done.

I typically work in the Wix platform as it allows me to create completely custom websites rather than using templates. Clients also say that they find it easier to make basic updates than other platforms. I work with Wordpress, Squarespace and Shopify upon request (additional charges may apply).

"I'm ecstatic. The site feels fresh, alive and enthusiastic. It conveys the message and info in a stylish playful way. Visually it's very appealing. Kudos to you!"

- Amy, Founder, Able to Give

4. Copywriting

Content writing for websites is completely different from writing sales copy. Customers don't come to your website just to buy your products and services - they come for the improvement in their lifestyle or status that your products and services can offer them.


They come for the desired outcome.


The most successful websites aren't just beautifully designed. Don't get me wrong - design plays a huge part in earning the trust and respect of your customers. But the most successful websites convey the desired outcome to their customers, and they do it quickly.


So how do you do this? Professional copywriters are expensive, and you just don't have time to be taking courses on copywriting and writing website content.


That's why I took them for you. And I'm excited to use what I've learned while building you a website that connects with your ideal customers, both visually and contextually.

5. Brand Support

You're never truly done working "on" your company. I'll be here to help with whatever you need in the future (even if it's just a sounding board for a new idea) - no project is too big or too small! And FYI, I tend to give away the small stuff for free. I want what's best for my clients...and hopefully that will be you!

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The Signature Package costs just $3650.00

Not quite what you were looking for? Ask me about options during your free preliminary consultation.

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