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Welcome Architects & Entrepreneurs!
Now let's get
to work
creating your brand identity (and saving you a little $$ too!)...
because you're ready...

...to leave ordinary behind and start a firm as unique as you.


For you and your new firm, I choose to wear a lot of hats.

These various hats may include brand strategist, logo/visual brand designer, web designer, copywriter, graphic designer and marketing consultant, depending on your specific needs.

"Do not try to start your new business, passion project or side gig without Laura! Hiring her to create my branding, focus my message and deliver my website was the best decision I have made. She did these things better and faster than I ever could and it let me focus on creating content. She over-delivered at every step and created a brand I’m excited to call my own. I enjoyed working with her so much I started making up new projects so I could keep benefitting from her expertise!"

- Ben, Owner Hyperfine AcademyBen Norkin Architecture

"As a small business owner I need to surround myself with people who have the skills I lack. Laura is always able to make our ideas come to life. Her insight and ideas are invaluable to our organization and provide a platform that we can offer our clients."

- Kim, Owner The Next Investment

"At every stage, Laura listened to me; learning what I liked, and how I wanted to present myself.  She was able to take what she knows about me and translate it into images, styles, spacing, and layout that perfectly compliment and reflect my needs.  She is a terrific website designer and has background skills in photography and the arts that are very helpful in tailoring the material to personal requirements.  Her patience, knowledge, and inspiration are amazing, and I will continue to work with her throughout my career."

- Elli, Owner Return to Wholeness

By the way...
Students of Eric Reinholt receive 5% off brand and visual identity design services!
So, let's work together if...


you're making your way through Eric's course and are ready to work on your new firm's visual identity,

you have the time and budget (think $2000 - $4000)  to dedicate to creating your authentic brand,

and you totally get why having a professionally designed brand is critical to the success of your business.

This is a no pressure chat about business, marketing, positioning, design...the focus is finding the best strategies to help you succeed!
Architects + Entrepreneurs Brand Session
30 min

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